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Always attentive to the needs of its clients, L’expert immobilier PM also offers a mortgage brokerage service.

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Mortgage rates

Thanks to our partnership with TMG the Mortgage Group, you can count on us for updates on our best interest rates every business day. Here are today’s rates.

Why choose a mortgage broker from L’expert immobilier PM?

Save time and money

The role of the mortgage broker is to guide you and to represent you with banks and all other financial institutions. The broker’s only job is to find the mortgage that corresponds best to your needs. This means that you’ll spend less time figuring out your options – and you’ll get a better rate.

The team of real estate and mortgage brokers

Because they belong to the same agency, it’s much easier for our real-estate and mortgage brokers to work together, making your experience even better. Our brokers, some of whom have both qualifications, understand the realities of the property market. Find out about our team of brokers: they’re humble, open, realistic, and ready to listen to your needs.

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