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To purchase or sell a property: find the right real estate broker.

Why choose L’expert immobilier PM?


A fair commission

You and your broker decide together on the commission percentage so that it’s both fair and profitable to everyone. No more predetermined commissions.

Down-to-earth, enthusiastic brokers

Discover a team of down-to-earth, open, realistic brokers who listen to your needs. Why do they do it? They love what they do!

An all-Québec agency

L’expert immobilier PM is proud to conduct 100% of its activities in Québec, and has since it was founded.

Becoming a L’expert immobilier PM broker : an easy decision

There are many advantages to being a broker with L’expert immobilier PM, including unmatched flexibility and transaction fees set at only $149 per sale. L’expert immobilier is accessible to everyone who loves real estate!

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