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Create your broker website

It’s easy and inexpensive for L’expert immobilier PM brokers to have their own website on the agency’s platform.

A solid base

The platform offers a solid base. It enables you to avoid making difficult decisions that can also be costly:

  • Selecting an agency

  • Choosing a web host

  • Determining the right technological solution

  • Worrying about updates or risks of hacking

Based on WordPress and the WpResidence theme, the L’expert immobilier PM web platform offers great flexibility and simplifies many processes. Your site will be automatically and regularly maintained by the team at Quantic-conseil, which is responsible for the platform.


A site that looks like you

The platform can post your properties with daily updates from Centris. In addition, the theme offers many options, so you can customize your site to match your brand: your domain name, your logo, your colours, and so on. The platform lets you change your site yourself easily, without using a web developer.


The theme is already optimized for mobile devices, and your site will display well on any size screen. Thanks to the theme, you can easily modify your site yourself, without knowing programming and without the help of a developer.

How much does it cost?

To L’expert immobilier PM

Having your site on the L’expert immobilier PM platform generates a recurrent cost of $300 per year. These fees will be billed directly to your monthly invoice.

To Quantic-conseil

The fees start at $500 and vary according to your needs. Quantic-conseil offers level 3 consultants at $100 per hour, with interim billing, or at $90 per hour if you bank 25 prepaid hours.

Get the best results with an optimized website

If you wish, Quantic-conseil can simply create your site and provide you with access to it. You’ll still be free to create and integrate the content you want. But, thanks to its expertise in electronic marketing, Quantic-conseil can also guide you through the process to guarantee that your website is of interest to clients and optimized for search engines (SEO).


Given the digital strategy based on your business objectives, they can create and integrate the content for you.

And you have many other options, too:

  • Creation of a logo and a brand identity

  • Translation of the site into French

  • Taking of background photograph or session with a professional photographer

  • An email address with your domain name

  • Personalized HTML email signatures


Introduction to the company

Quantic-conseil has been working with L’expert immobilier PM for many years. Its mission is to consult and guide companies in making data-management and electronic choices that generate value and to implement these solutions efficiently.

You will be offered a high-level estimate of the costs linked to your project. Some aspects of the work (graphic design, translation, etc.) will be invoiced directly by our partners. You can also choose to do some portions of the work yourself or with other suppliers.

The hours invoiced always reflect the time actually worked by the team, whether higher or lower than the estimate. The rates for level 1 and 2 consultants vary according to the experience of the consultant. Quantic-conseil is attentive to your needs, respects your budget, and invests its time where you’ll get maximum value.

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